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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who says, "He's down there stretched out, with his eyeballs bulging..."?
(a) The mother-in-law.
(b) The mother.
(c) The bride.
(d) Leonardo's wife.

2. How long does it take the mother to get to the bride's home?
(a) 8 hours.
(b) 1 hour.
(c) 4 hours.
(d) 1 day.

3. What flower does the mother say her husband smells like?
(a) Daisy.
(b) Rose.
(c) Carnation.
(d) Violet.

4. How many woodcutters appear in the forest?
(a) 2.
(b) 3.
(c) 4.
(d) 1.

5. Who informs the crowd that the bride and Leonardo have run off together?
(a) The mother.
(b) The servant.
(c) The bride's father.
(d) Leonardo's wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does the son give his mother to explain why there are no trees on his bride's land?

2. Whom does the mother question her neighbor about in Act 1, Scene 1?

3. What is the bride's wedding crown made of?

4. Who is described as "Beautiful, A glow in her face..."?

5. Who puts a new bridle on the horse in Act 3, Scene 1?

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