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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has the older vampire decided to leave dead bodies around San Francisco?
(a) To tempt Jody into killing more.
(b) To tempt the Emperor into looking for him.
(c) Do blame Jody for the murders.
(d) As a present to Jody.

2. What was Elijah's old occupation?
(a) He was an accountant.
(b) He was an alchemist.
(c) As a wealthy man, he did nothing.
(d) Elijah was a doctor in his time.

3. Why is Jody upset with the vampire support group?
(a) Everyone is much older than her.
(b) Jody is unable to face other vampires so she doesn't go.
(c) It is a trap to find Jody.
(d) There are no real vampires at the event. Just impostors.

4. Why does Jody's mother call?
(a) Jody never told her mother she moved.
(b) She is concerned for her daughter.
(c) To tell Jody her sister has died.
(d) To tell her she is dying of cancer.

5. What does Jody buy on her outing?
(a) A little back dress.
(b) A new top.
(c) Clothes for Tommy.
(d) A short skirt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tommy nickname the corpse in the freezer?

2. Jody decides to kill a man who __________.

3. After Jody kills, what happens to the body?

4. When the Animals finally reach the yacht, how many hours of daylight do they still have?

5. What does Tommy talk to the corpse about?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Tommy decides to "hold on to" Jody?

2. After killing her first person, what does Jody begin to wonder?

3. Who saves Jody from burning up as daylight breaks?

4. As Jody leaves the vampire meeting, who calls her at a pay phone?

5. Where does Jody decide to go to cheer up over Tommy's betrayal?

6. As Tommy's experiments continue, what does he discover of Jody's powers?

7. With the help of the dog, where do the Animals find Elijah's resting place?

8. How does the novel end?

9. Why does Tommy think that he and Jody's relationship is unbalanced?

10. How does killing make Jody understand her vampiric nature?

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