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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Tommy and the sales man argue over during the day?
(a) Make, model, and features.
(b) Size.
(c) Warranties.
(d) Colors available.

2. Why did Jody bring a corpse into the apartment?
(a) She can slowly eat the body parts.
(b) She was afraid someone would connect Jody and Tommy to the first killing.
(c) She thinks it will keep her company.
(d) She wanted to suck the rest of the blood out of the body.

3. Why does Tommy assume Jody is an ancient vampire?
(a) She has lived with ten men.
(b) Her hair is falling out, so she must be old.
(c) She is good at avoiding his
(d) She seems very experienced.

4. Why is Jody worried about the homeless man across the street from their apartment?
(a) He is dead.
(b) He attacked her.
(c) He threatened Jody and Tommy.
(d) He attacked Tommy.

5. At first, what does Tommy think about Jody's secret?
(a) He thinks it is great.
(b) He is scared out of his mind.
(c) He would like to consider all the options of dating a vampire.
(d) He hopes that Jody will turn him into a vampire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jody wake up in Chapter 13?

2. Why does Jody send Tommy upstairs when she sees another person with no heat signature?

3. Because Jody gave Tommy so much money, what does Tommy think Jody does?

4. How does Jody get Tommy out of the bathroom?

5. What does Jody decide to flash at the man who has flashed her?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Jody wakes up in the shower, what happens to her?

2. Why does Tommy bring Jody an almanac?

3. Why does Jody wake up at sunset upset?

4. Jody gets a phone call from a mysterious person. What does the person say to her?

5. Instead of asking Tommy to sleep with her, what does Jody ask of Tommy?

6. Who does Jody decide to attack at the laundromat?

7. Who is C Thomas Flood?

8. Does Tommy have any second thoughts about all the work Jody has him do?

9. Why does Tommy wish to have sex again, even though he knows he might loose more blood?

10. Jody asks Tommy to do many things for her. How does Tommy begin to feel about Jody's bossiness?

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