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Christopher Moore
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to the murder victim?
(a) She was drained of blood, with no wounds.
(b) She was beaten to death.
(c) The woman was pushed from the roof of the building.
(d) She was stabbed to death.

2. Where did Jody used to work?
(a) The Transamerica building.
(b) For an insurance company.
(c) At the grocery store.
(d) A restaurant.

3. What does Tommy learn about Jody's saliva?
(a) It burns flesh.
(b) It can heal wounds.
(c) It is the same as his.
(d) It bubbles and festers.

4. What does Tommy dare to ask Jody as he meets her for the first time?
(a) Out on a date.
(b) For a cigarette.
(c) For a one night stand.
(d) To be friends.

5. Why does Tommy try to wrap Jody's lifeless body in an electric blanket?
(a) Jody is pulled from water and needs to be warmed up.
(b) To raise her body temperature.
(c) He believes she is dead and wants to revive her.
(d) To make her burn.

6. Who helps Tommy translate what his roommates have been saying to him?
(a) Tray Lee.
(b) Tammy Lee.
(c) Tony Lee.
(d) Troy Lee.

7. At the laundromat, who attacks Jody?
(a) Three men.
(b) The Emporer.
(c) Two women.
(d) 2 homeless men.

8. What has Tommy found on his bed everyday that he has lived in Chinatown?
(a) Fruit.
(b) Chocolate.
(c) A bouquet of roses.
(d) Teddy bears.

9. What are the night workers at the Marina Safeway called?
(a) The Animals.
(b) The Reckers.
(c) The Crazies.
(d) The Lazies.

10. What is the Emperor's responsibility to the city?
(a) To watch over dogs.
(b) Clean up the streets.
(c) Create a safe place for the arts.
(d) To protect it against vampires.

11. What are the names of the Emperor's dogs?
(a) Loda and Bubblebee.
(b) Larry and Boomer.
(c) Lauren and Bart.
(d) Lazarus and Bummer.

12. What can't Tommy ignore on the streets of San Francisco?
(a) Panhandlers.
(b) Runaway teens.
(c) Prostitutes.
(d) Dirt and trash.

13. How does Jody get Tommy out of the bathroom?
(a) She mists through the crack in the floor.
(b) She breaks down the door.
(c) She bribes him with sex.
(d) She promises she won't kill him.

14. What do the workers at Safeway get high off of?
(a) Illegal substances.
(b) Nitrous oxide from whipped cream cans.
(c) Their work!
(d) Permanent Markers.

15. Is Jody attracted to Tommy?
(a) Yes, but in a nerdy way.
(b) No, not at all.
(c) Maybe, she has ulterior motives.
(d) Yes, she thinks he is cute,

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the author describe Kurt?

2. When Jody breaks into Kurt's apartment, what does she find?

3. What does Jody decide to flash at the man who has flashed her?

4. Why are the workers at the Safeway called this?

5. As Jody walks up to the house, what is Kurt, her boyfriend, doing?

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