Objects & Places from Bloodsucking Fiends

Christopher Moore
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This is a dog that belongs to the Emperor of San Francisco. Bummer is sensitive to the presence of vampires and sniffs out the resting place of the elder vampire.


This is the Emperor of San Francisco's golden retriever.


This is Tommy's car. He drives it from Indiana to San Francisco, and it breaks down and catches fire when he reaches the city. The police use Tommy abandoning his vehicle as an excuse to arrest him and get his fingerprints.

The Marina Safeway

Tommy gets a job as night supervisor at this location, where he meets the Animals, the night crew.

The Van Ness Motel

When Jody realizes that she is a vampire, she gets a motel room at this motel. She uses it as a private, protected place during the day.

The Loft

Tommy rents a loft in the SOMA district for himself and...

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