Bloodsucking Fiends Fun Activities

Christopher Moore
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Time Travel

Research Elijah's time period and hometown. Consider society trends,

The Alchemist

Research alchemy and its popularity in the 1800's. Next, pretend you are an alchemist and detail how you would create gold.

Vampire Dress Up

Choose one of your favorite vampires of all time. Dress up as the character. You may use whatever clothing or materials you would like to create your costume.

Create your own vampire.

Create your own vampire. Provide a written description as well as a picture of what your vampire would look like.

Field Trip To San Francisco.

To learn more about San Francisco, choose a famous area of town, iconic building, or famous building and write a report. Try to impress the class with a little known fact.

Vampire Movie.

Bring in your favorite scene from a vampire/horror movie. Explain to the class why the movie is your favorite and...

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