Bloodsucking Fiends Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Christopher Moore
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Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel, Moore mocks stereotypical gender roles. Analyze three of the following characters and describe how they defy or humor American stereotypical gender roles:



Francis Stroud

Essay Topic 2

Currently, vampires are extremely popular in mainstream media.

1. Compare Moore's Jody to another popular vampire character from television, books, or movies.

2. How do they differ in powers and personalities?

Essay Topic 3

1. How do Jody and Tommy manipulate one another?

2. What is the root cause of their conquest to control each other?

Essay Topic 4

Loneliness is a central theme in the novel. How do the following characters deal or cope with their loneliness?



The Emperor

Essay Topic 5

Part 1. Analyze the character the Emperor.

Part 2. What does this character symbolize for the city of San Francisco? What important topics does the Emperor help to bring to the forefront?

Essay Topic 6

Several of the characters in...

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