Bloodsucking Fiends Character Descriptions

Christopher Moore
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Jody Stroud

This character is a self-conscious, needy woman who jumps from one short-term, live-in relationship to another until she is turned into a vampire. As a vampire, she gains new-found powers, but she is left with her worst nightmare: loneliness. This person becomes embroiled in a relationship with Tommy, and her needs always seem to overpower his.

C. Thomas Flood (Tommy)

This character is a young boy who wants to be a writer. His biggest weakness is women. He falls completely in lust with Jody. He can't seem to resist her. In the end, Jody turns him into a vampire.

Elijah Ben Sapir

This character is Jody's sire. He is also responsible for murders. All of his victims are usually fatally ill. He gives Jody clues to how to survive and then amuses himself by watching what she does and how she reacts.

The Emperor of San Francisco and Protector of Mexico

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