Bloodsucking Fiends Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Christopher Moore
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Part 1, Fledgling: Chapter 1, Death and Chapter 2, Death Warmed Over

• The story begins with the Emperor, a wise homeless man, looking over San Francisco.

• The Emperor is upset because a vampire is killing people in his beloved city.

• As Jody walks home, she is attacked by a strange man.
• Her attacker bites her and then makes her drink her blood.

• Jody wakes up in a dumpster with a burned hand.

• Jody finds that her shirt is full of money

• Jody takes the bus home, thinking her boyfriend will be worried about her.

• Instead, she finds him complaining about her on the phone.

Part 1, Fledgling: Chapter 3, Oh Liquid Love and Chapter 4, Blooms and the City of Burned Clutches

• Kurt is upset with Jody but does not ask her if she is okay.

• Jody becomes very upset and throws a plant at Kurt, which knocks him out.

• She then drinks Kurt's...

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