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Objective: The son of a planter and daughter of the first governor of African-American descent, Jean Toomer was a prominent writer and philosopher. The purpose of Lesson 1 is to learn more about Toomer's life.

1) Class Activity: Research Jean Toomer's life and career, and create a timeline of significant personal and literary milestones.
2) Class Discussion: As a writer of mixed-race heritage, Toomer wrote eloquently about African-American history and culture. What is the relationship between his life and "Blood-Burning Moon"? What are Toomer's views on race? How does his upper-middle class background influence his life and writings?
3) Group Activity: In pairs, discuss Toomer's life and work, paying close attention to his involvement in philosophical and spiritual ideas.
4) Homework: In preparation for tomorrow's lesson, research Toomer's literary peers and influences.


Objective: Literary communities, formal and informal, have formed throughout the country to write, discuss, and respond to current historical...

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