Blood-Burning Moon Fun Activities

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Mapquest Sparta

Research Sparta, Georgia, the inspiration for the story's setting. Include geographical information and statistics about the population.

Jean Toomer

Create a site dedicated to Toomer. Include links, facts, and biographical information.

Louisa's Blog

Write a blog from Louisa's perspective. Include relevant and interesting links about her likes and dislikes, her dreams and aspirations.

Campaign to End Racism

Create a campaign to end racism. It can include a fundraiser to raise awareness, a school meeting to discuss issues about race, an art project or film that addresses racism.

Music for Healing

Create a playlist dedicated to Louisa, Tom, and Bob. Include songs that reflect them and their community in life affirming and positive ways.

Imagine Forgiveness

Rewrite the ending to reflect a truce between Bob and Tom and the black and white communities.

Louisa's Story: Part 2

Imagine a sequel to "Blood-Burning Moon." What will happen to Louisa...

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