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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Terry hope he can do for Graciela?
(a) Find her sister's killer and not dissapoint her.
(b) Reccommend a good investigator for her case.
(c) Give her comfort.
(d) Offer her his freindship.

2. Why does Terry go to the store where the murders occurred?
(a) To find some witnesses.
(b) To
(c) To get an idea of why the murderer committed them.
(d) To talk to the shop owner.

3. What did Noone give to the people investigating the shooting?
(a) A facial description of the killer.
(b) The name of the murder.
(c) Description of the vehicle that the murderer was driving.
(d) No helpful information.

4. What does Terry notice about the shooter?
(a) He was dressed the same way as Gloria's killer.
(b) He is left handed.
(c) The killer has red hair.
(d) He was wearing all blue.

5. Where was Cordell shot?
(a) Inside a mall.
(b) At a store.
(c) At his home.
(d) At an ATM.

6. What does Terry realize about Gloria's killing?
(a) Gloria might have known her killer.
(b) Several witnesses have gone missing.
(c) A timeline of the murder was never created.
(d) No one successfully questioned all the witnesses.

7. Who does Terry think is a good suspect for being the killer?
(a) Marvin Bankal.
(b) Mikail Bolotov.
(c) Michael Bolotov.
(d) Moore Banishev.

8. How does Terry justify his interest in the case to Arrango?
(a) He shares that he has Gloria's heart.
(b) He wants Jaye to look good.
(c) He is dating Gloria's sister.
(d) He wants to find his way back to the force.

9. What did Terry want to discuss with Vernon Carruthers?
(a) The ballistics in the two cases.
(b) The fire present at both crime scenes.
(c) His involvement in the case.
(d) The fingerprints found at the crime.

10. How does Bolotov escape from Terry's presence and the locked office door?
(a) Jumps through the glass window.
(b) Pushes Terry away and quickly escapes.
(c) Shoots Terry in the arm.
(d) Stabs Terry in the leg.

11. What are many law enforcement officers not trained in?
(a) Examining suspects for
(b) How to threaten people.
(c) Torture.
(d) How to hypnotize people.

12. Who does Terry call about James Cordell, the shooting victim?
(a) Jaye Winston.
(b) Jamie Win.
(c) James Windell.
(d) Jason Wick.

13. What does Arrango take pleasure in?
(a) Seeing Terry fail.
(b) Capturing killers.
(c) Slowing down the case.
(d) Making Jaye embarrassed.

14. Terry calls an old friend, Vernon Carruthers, who works where?
(a) Toolmarks and Firearms.
(b) Firearms and Toolmarks.
(c) Firearms and Tools.
(d) Firearms Unlimited.

15. Why is the cross important?
(a) Gloria was extremely religious.
(b) The killer was very religious.
(c) The killer wanted to embarrass Gloria's family.
(d) The killer knew that the cross was important to the killer.

Short Answer Questions

1. With Buddy's help, what does Terry discover about Cordell's truck?

2. What do Terry and Jaye think the killer took the ring as?

3. What wakes Terry up the next day?

4. Why do Arrango and Walters clam up at the end of watching the tape?

5. What does Terry think about the gun that was used to kill Gloria?

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