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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What must Terry be concerned about regarding his new heart?
(a) Not feeling guilty for taking the heart.
(b) Taking the proper medications so his body does not reject the heart.
(c) How it will make him feel from time to time.
(d) Taking it easy so the heart will work well.

2. Why couldn't Noone give more of a description of the shooter?
(a) He was hit on the head and it made him loose his memory.
(b) The shooter was wearing a baseball hat.
(c) He never actually saw the killer.
(d) The shooter threatened him so he is afraid to speak.

3. When Terry returns to his boat, what is he unable to do?
(a) Carry on a successful conversation.
(b) Keep his heart from rushing.
(c) Eat because he has no appetite.
(d) Sleep.

4. Who has a difficult time watching the murder on tape?
(a) Arrango.
(b) Lieutenant Buskirk.
(c) Walters.
(d) Terry.

5. What did the FBI give Terry?
(a) Disability retirement.
(b) A pension.
(c) A settlement.
(d) Gift money.

6. Who does Terry give his condolences to while he visits the store?
(a) Mrs. Chan.
(b) Mrs. Lang.
(c) Mrs. Kang.
(d) Mrs. Kan.

7. Why does Arrango want Terry to back off the case?
(a) Terry is getting too emotionally close.
(b) So that Arrango can solve it and look the a good FBI agent.
(c) He just wants Terry to relax and give his heart a break.
(d) Arrango thinks Terry is weirdly involved in the case.

8. Why is Jaye angry with Terry?
(a) Terry if becoming too close with Gloria's sister.
(b) Because of his reasons for working the case.
(c) Terry failed to give her all the facts on Gloria's case.
(d) Terry hit on her.

9. As dinner comes to an end, what does Graciela wonder about?
(a) How to get closer to Terry.
(b) Whether the killer will be brought to justice.
(c) Where she and Raymond will live.
(d) How she can take care of Raymond.

10. What does Arrango refuse to answer about Gloria's case?
(a) Whether he has any new leads.
(b) How exactly she was killed.
(c) Where they got the tape of the Gloria's murder.
(d) Whether or not a timeline was ever created.

11. Who does Terry think is a good suspect for being the killer?
(a) Moore Banishev.
(b) Michael Bolotov.
(c) Mikail Bolotov.
(d) Marvin Bankal.

12. With Buddy's help, what does Terry discover about Cordell's truck?
(a) A wheel is flat.
(b) Jewelry in the back seat.
(c) A picture of Amelia and their child is missing from the dashboard.
(d) Her child's stuffed animal was missing.

13. What has James Noone agreed to do for Terry and Jaye?
(a) Detail his attack at the ATM.
(b) Go through the 911 call.
(c) Be questioned again.
(d) Be hypnotized.

14. Who must give Arrango permission to give the tapes to Terry?
(a) Lieutenant Buskirk.
(b) Lieutenant Ryan
(c) Lieutenant Dan.
(d) Lieutenant Band.

15. Why do Buddy and Terry go to VGC (Video GraFX Consultants)?
(a) To enhance the image of Mr. Kang's watch to confirm the time discrepancy.
(b) At the last minute, they decide not to go there.
(c) To find the killer, he must have messed with the crime scene tapes.
(d) To talk to Jaye who is waiting for them.

Short Answer Questions

1. At first, what does Terry discover after searching Cordell's truck?

2. Why does Dr. Fox release Terry from being her patient?

3. What did Terry want to discuss with Vernon Carruthers?

4. What is buddy stunned by after he sees Terry?

5. Why does Bolotov decide to attack Terry?

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