Objects & Places from Blood Work

Michael Connelly
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The Following Sea

Terry McCaleb's boat and current home.

Cabrillo Marina

San Pedro docks where Terry McCaleb's boat is docked.


Hospital that did and continues to monitor Terry McCaleb's heart transplant.

Hard Tango

Name that homicide detectives give to the process of becoming involved in another law enforcement officer's case, so named because of the territorial and often unreasonable attitude of the lead officer or detective.

Code Killer

Name given to the serial killer who is shooting people without apparent cause and leaving messages directly for Terry McCaleb at the murder scene. His messages always include a series of digits along with a personal invitation for Terry to catch him, or a message meant to taunt him in some way.

Murder Book

Name given to each file prepared after a homicide. It contains all of the information, and investigation done on any case, and is added to...

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