Blood Work Character Descriptions

Michael Connelly
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Terrell (Terry) McCaleb - This character worked for the FBI, but was forced to retire after a heart transplant. He had a reputation for insuring justice for the victims, becoming so involved in his cases that they felt personal to him.

Graciela Rivers - This character is very attractive. She is strong in character, and wants justice for her sister who was killed and gave her heart to Terry McCaleb.

James Noone / Daniel Crimmins - This character is a manipulator and killer. He pretends to be at least three different people and also believed to be innocent by the police. He actually attended Police Academy at some point, but had a nervous breakdown and was never the same.

Buddy Lockridge - This person loves to learn about old FBI cases. Although sometimes annoying, he ends up helping Terry break the case. He is very proud of himself...

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