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Short Answer Questions

1. What observation does Alex make about Valcroix's sandal-clad toes?

2. What does Carlton threaten to do to Ricky when he swears?

3. What kind of fish does Alex keep in his pond?

4. What game do Alex and Woody play when they meet?

5. What slight accent does Valcroix have?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Bev initially keep the information about the affair between Nona and Augie a secret?

2. Why does Milo tell the receptionist that he does not need a warrant to see Jan Rambo?

3. What does Alex tell Milo is done to help children cope with being in the Laminar Airflow rooms?

4. Why did Milo choose not to take the lieutenants exam when it was offered to him?

5. Why does Moody approach Alex in the parking lot of the court house after his hearing?

6. How does Alex finally get Ricky Moody to talk to him at Mal's office?

7. What reason does Diane Severe give Mr. Moody for only allowing him supervised visits with his children?

8. What leads Beverly to immediately conclude that Milo is a cop even though she has not met him and he's not in uniform?

9. Why did Norman Mathews (Noble Matthias) leave the law profession?

10. Why does Milo answer "Maybe. Maybe not" to Alex's inquiry as to whether or not the scene at the Sea Breeze Motel looks bad?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How are Alex and Noble Mathias alike? What in their past is alike? How does each man react to their traumatic past? What leads Alex down a different path than Noble?

Essay Topic 2

What makes "Blood Test" a crime novel? What aspects of the crime novel genre does the book contain?

Essay Topic 3

What is the scene at the climax of the novel? What makes it the climax? What leads up to this climax? What story lines are wrapped up?

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