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1. What background does Diane Severe have that Alex believes makes her uniquely able to understand children?

Alex feels Diane Severe is able to truly understand children because she had been a social worker before deciding to go to law school. After graduating from law school, Severe spent ten years in juvenile court and another six years on the family bench.

2. What reason does Diane Severe give Mr. Moody for only allowing him supervised visits with his children?

Severe tells Moody that he can only see his child in supervised visits because she says that his life is currently in shambles, which would make his children feel responsibility for his life. She feels that no child can be asked to bear responsibility for anyone else's life and cannot be asked to raise their parents.

3. Why does Moody approach Alex in the parking lot of the court house after his hearing?

Moody approaches Alex in the court house parking lot because he wants Alex to tell the judge that he should be allowed to spend time alone with his children. Moody tells Alex that his ex-wife has twisted Alex around her fingers and that the new man in her life isn't normal and shouldn't be around his children.

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