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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 through 4)


Chapters 1 through 4

Alex Delaware is the protagonist of "Blood Test." He is a semi-retired psychologist who is drawn into the story at the behest of Dr. Raoul Melendez-Lynch, whom Alex had previously worked with. The objective of this lesson is to define the term "protagonist," and explore the character of Alex Delaware in that role.


1. Definition: Ask the class what the term "protagonist" means. Write ideas on the board as they are offered. Ask a student to read the actual definition. Offer clarification as necessary.

2. Class Discussion: What is Alex like? What is his job? What is his employment situation? Why is he semi-retired? How do other professionals seem to view Alex? What does Judge Severe think of him? How do the medical professionals he encounters at the hospital react to him?

3. Brainstorming: Make a list of Alex's characteristics, both physical traits and personality traits...

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