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Essay Topic 1

How are dysfunctional families a theme of "Blood Test"? What examples of dysfunctional families do we see? What makes each family dysfunctional?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Alex Delaware as the protagonist of the novel. What makes him the protagonist? What is he like? What do his interactions with Richard Moody, Woody, and Raoul reveal about his character?

Essay Topic 3

Why did the author choose first person point of view to tell this story? What advantages to using first person are there? What are the disadvantages?

Essay Topic 4

How is Augie's perspective on the events at the hospital unique? What makes him able to see things in a different way than other doctors? What about him is so difficult for Raoul to deal with? Why doesn't Raoul fire him?

Essay Topic 5

What is Milo's and Alex's friendship like? Why is it important to the development of the characters...

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