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Chapters 1 through 4

• Alex listens to Judge Diane Severe's judgment against Mr. Moody.

• Alex deemed Mr. Moody unfit to parent his children, so he is allowed to visit them only under supervision.

• Alex meets with the judge in her chambers after the hearing and tells her that he is mostly retired an only takes referral cases from friends and some court-related cases.

• Mr. Moody approaches Alex in the parking lot and begs him to tell the judge that he is capable of spending time alone with his kids.

• Alex advises Mr. Moody to get professional help, which causes Mr. Moody to attack him.

• Alex puts Mr. Moody on the ground and escapes.
• Alex feeds his koi, which helps him to relax.

• The answering service calls and tells Alex that he has a message from Mr. Moody and another from Dr. Raoul Melendez-Lynch.

• Alex returns Moody's call; Moody apologizes, but...

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