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Jim Butcher
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Harry carrying in his arms?

2. What does Harry tell Thomas must be done?

3. What does Genosa ask Harry?

4. What does Joan say about Genosa?

5. What will happen to the actors who came with Genosa from his former company?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Harry take the box and what happens there?

2. How does the battle with the vampires end and how are Thomas and Inari?

3. What does Harry find in the dressing room and what does he do immediately?

4. What happens when Lara is getting ready to shoot Thomas?

5. What does Genosa tell Harry about Giselle, what does Genosa ask Harry and what is Harry's response?

6. What does Harry find out as he is setting up lines at the set and what does Murphy say about it?

7. What does Harry find when he returns to his apartment from Raith manor and what does Bob tell him? What is Harry's response?

8. What does Joan tell Harry about Genosa's present company and actors?

9. What does Harry do after speaking briefly to Thomas and why does Inari come to his room? What happens to her?

10. How is Murphy when Harry goes to see and and what do they discuss?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the following:

1. What is a plot? What are the most important elements of a plot and their definition? Do all novels have a plot? Why or why not?

2. Write a brief synopsis of the plot of Blood Rites, identifying where the various elements of the plot occur (Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution or denouement). Do you find it difficult to identify the plot? Why or why not? What about the various elements of the plot?

3. Identify the major sub-plots and their elements in Blood Rites. (The subplots may not contain every element of a major plot). Do the sub-plots add to the main plot? Why or why not. Are the sub-plots interesting in and of themselves? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Harry's mother tells him that she has prepared them both for this day and that they should watch out for each other. Harry's mother gives him a gift, explaining that it is insight. Harry accepts it. When he is out of the soul gaze Harry tells Thomas that their mother said that she loved them both. Harry has spent so much of his life alone that he is not sure how to react now that he has family. Part of him is still leery of letting Thomas too close, but the words spoken to him by his own mother have gone a long way to solidify the beginnings of a relationship for the two of them.

1. Discuss what you think Harry might be feeling and thinking when he finds out he has a brother. Use examples from your own life and Blood Rites to support your answer.

2. Do you think Harry is better off emotionally knowing what happened to his mother? Why or why not? Use examples from your own life and Blood Rites to support your answer.

3. Discuss, in depth, how you think Harry's life is going to change now that Thomas and the puppy is now living with him. Use examples from your own life and Blood Rites to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Whenever reading a science fiction or fantasy novel, one must become familiar with new terminology that explains concepts or technology that is not a part of the "real" world. In the case of Blood Rites, there is a great deal of new magical terms and familiar words with new meanings. Discuss the following:

1. Find five terms that are a part of the world of Blood Rites that are a part of the language but mean something different. Define the words as used in Blood Rites and compare those five words as to how they are currently used in the American English language.

2. How does the language of Blood Rites from that of real world Chicago? Are there words you did not know in Blood Rites? What? How do you learn their meanings? What does it mean to grasp a the meaning of a word through its context? Can you do that in Blood Rites? Give an example of several words whose definition are made clear through the context of how the word is used.

3. There are ways of learning about a new world or time when reading a science fiction or fantasy novel. Discuss the ways you were able to understand the world of Blood Rites through its vocabulary. Did you have to look up any words?

4. Were there any words you never really understood from Blood Rites? Which ones? Why?

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