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Jim Butcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Genosa say about beauty?
(a) It is only skin deep.
(b) Natural beauty and genuine desire are better than altered bodies.
(c) It does not fade with age.
(d) It is not important.

2. What does Lara tell Thomas?
(a) She has always disliked him.
(b) She loves him enough to kill him.
(c) He is smarter than she thought.
(d) He is talking treason.

3. What does Harry tell Thomas must be done?
(a) Kill Thomas's father.
(b) Take an oath of allegiance.
(c) Thomas must come clean with him.
(d) Rescue Susan.

4. What does Harry find when he returns to his apartment?
(a) A message from Marva.
(b) A letter from Susan.
(c) A package.
(d) Someone has been trying to get inside.

5. What does Joan say about Genosa?
(a) He is a kind man but an idiot.
(b) He is an abusive boss.
(c) He is very smart.
(d) He is kind and brillant.

6. Where does Thomas take Harry?
(a) To Thomas's father.
(b) To Lara's room.
(c) To a room where they cannot be heard.
(d) To Harry's mother.

7. What does Kincaid do for a living?
(a) He is a police officer.
(b) He is a mercenary.
(c) He is in the CIA.
(d) He is a Catholic priest.

8. What happens when Harry is at the door of his office?
(a) He trips on a package in front of the door.
(b) Someone puts a gun to his head.
(c) He cannot get the key to work.
(d) Thomas sneaks up on him.

9. With whom does Bob go out to find vampires?
(a) Murphy.
(b) Mister.
(c) Kincaid.
(d) Thomas.

10. Why did the guard run away?
(a) He is afraid of Harry.
(b) He wants Harry to follow him.
(c) He does not want to be arrested.
(d) He went to check the back of the building.

11. Who is Trisha to Genosa?
(a) Just another employee.
(b) His sister-in-law.
(c) His sister.
(d) One of his ex-wives.

12. With whom is Thomas's group at war?
(a) The Wizard Council.
(b) The White Court.
(c) The Gray Court.
(d) The Black Court.

13. What does Kincaid tell Harry about his fee?
(a) Harry must pay him before the job.
(b) Harry gets a ten percent discount.
(c) He has raised his rates.
(d) If Harry doesn't pay it, Kincaid will kill Harry.

14. What is Harry's cover on the set?
(a) Actor.
(b) Errand boy.
(c) Director.
(d) Set artist.

15. What does Harry do when he and Joan get where they are going?
(a) Vaporizes the water in the basement.
(b) Turns off the power in the building.
(c) Calls Genosa.
(d) Puts a shield around himself and Joan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harry see Thomas doing in the mirror?

2. What is special about the contents of a box to someone?

3. What kind of car is Thomas driving?

4. What does Kincaid say about daylight and Mavra?

5. What does Harry realize about why he dislikes Thomas?

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