Objects & Places from Blood Rites

Jim Butcher
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This is the dog that Harry inadvertently gets stuck with after saving a group of puppies from demons for a group of monks.

Blue Beetle

This is Harry's car.


He is a disembodied spirit that lives at Harry's apartment inside a skull.


He is Harry's cat.

Entropy Curse

This is the type of curse that has been laid on Genosa.

Red Cross

Kincaid, Harry, and Murphy dress up as members of this organization when they go into the shelter.

White Court Vampires

They feed off human emotions, most often sex.

Black Court Vampires

These vampires are nearly destroyed after Stoker writes his Dracula book.

Special Investigations

This is the division of the police department that deals with weird and unusual cases.

The Deeps

When Thomas is taken by his father to be a sacrifice for the next ritual, Harry follows them to here.

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