Blood Rites Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jim Butcher
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Chapter 1-6

• Harry Dresden is running through a building with a box of puppies being chased by a group of monkey demons.

• As Harry leaves the building all the demons begin forming into one large demon. Harry yells at Thomas to start the car.

• As they are driving away, Harry kills the demon with his staff and tells Thomas they were Chinese spirit creatures.

• Thomas is not pleased about being on the adventure but admits to Harry that he needs some help from Harry.

• Thomas is a member of the White Court vampires who are at war with the wizards like Harry.
• Harry tells Thomas to come clean about why he is helping Harry, and Thomas agrees if Harry will help out a friend of his.

• Arturo Genosa is a movie producer who is being cursed and Thomas's friend.

• They leave the puppies with the Tibetan Monk who...

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