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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the town that Richard is walking in, where he buys honey cakes?

2. How does Richard pay for his honey cakes?

3. Who is the only person that can take the object that sits on a pedestal surrounded by a powerful spell inside the Palace of Prophets?

4. What is Simona accused of being because of her dreams and screams?

5. Who writes a letter for Gratch to take to Kahlan and Zedd?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do men on the boat leer at the Sisters of the Dark?

2. What does the Mord Sith that dies at the hand of a mriswith confess to Richard?

3. How is Galtero's evil ways revealed in Chapter 19?

4. Why does Tobias slap the face of the dead hunter?

5. Why does Tobias let his sister live?

6. Where were the six former Sisters of the Light forced to flee the Palace?

7. Why does Warren think Annalisa made Verna the next prelate?

8. Why is Richard forced to fight to protect the lands?

9. What is the fear that Warren instills in Verna about her role?

10. Why does Tobias kill the duke?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare "Blood of the Fold" with another of Goodkind's books in his fantasy series. Which is, in your opinion, better? Explain. What future scenarios might you want to see in upcoming books? Which characters would you like to see portrayed? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Blood of the Fold is written primarily in the third-persona and omniscient point of view. Is this point of view more or less effective than telling the story from the first-person perspective of Richard?

Essay Topic 3

Goodkind constantly brings up metaphors and imagery associated with strength. Give 3 examples of how strength is portrayed and characters who unexpectedly show great confidence.

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