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Short Answer Questions

1. If Richard sits back and does nothing, who will be able to conquer the lands he is sworn to protect?

2. How many graves did the undertakers dig that Verna meets?

3. Who do the women in the boat blame as the reason that they have to flee?

4. Who will sneak out of the camp in order to hunt the Mother Confessor without the D'Harans realizing that they have gone?

5. Who believes that Richard's quest is similar to his opponent and is just a desire to take over the world?

Short Essay Questions

1. What horror awaits Tobias when he enters the area where the old woman and her granddaughter were imprisoned?

2. How does Jagang force the Sisters of the Dark to satisfy the desires of his men?

3. How does the housekeeper help Verna escape from her cell?

4. What are Jebra's visions about Zedd and Kahlan?

5. What does Richard say must be done for freedom at the Confessor's Palace?

6. Why do Tobias and Lunetta fight after Kahlan and Addie throw the dress into the fire?

7. What is the fear that Warren instills in Verna about her role?

8. How did Richard become the next Lord Rahl?

9. Why is Richard confused about his interactions with the Duchess?

10. Why is it hard to get into the Wizard's Keep?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Many characters end up in strange worlds or alternate realities, suggesting the existence of a parallel universe of that of the Keeper. What are your thoughts on a parallel universe? Do you think one can exist? Can there be more than one? If so, are certain intersections or events predestined or does free will rule over all? What do you think might be happening in your parallel universe right now?

Essay Topic 2

Power plays a significant role in the book. Goodkind refers to the power games of the Sisters of the Dark versus the Sisters of the Light. Discuss the use of politics in the novel. How does politics influence the actions of the main characters of Richard, Zedd, Kahlan, Verna, Jagang, and others? Also, examine the use of politics in relationships.

Essay Topic 3

Compare "Blood of the Fold" with another of Goodkind's books in his fantasy series. Which is, in your opinion, better? Explain. What future scenarios might you want to see in upcoming books? Which characters would you like to see portrayed? Why?

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