Blood of the Fold Character Descriptions

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Richard Rahl

This character is the protagonist and a Seeker who believes in freedom and carries the Sword of Truth.


This character used to live at the Palace of Prophets, begins to age faster than peers, and was named prelate.


This character was a prelate before faking death and meddling in the lives of others.

Kahlan Amnell

This character is the previous leader of the Midlands who is protected by a spell during imprisonment.

Tobias Brogan

This character is a member of the Blood of the Fold who believes that all magic is evil, goes crazy, and is killed by a sibling.

Lunetta Brogan

This character has the gift of magic and kills a sibling that goes insane.


This character studies at the Palace of the Prophets and the trusted friend of a prelate.


This character is the leader of the group that attacks...

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