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Chapter 1-5

• Six naked women are on a boat and have just finished a ritual to contact their dark master known as The Keeper.

• The women were Sisters of the Light, but worked in secret at the Palace of the Prophets as Sisters of the Dark.

• They tried to contact the Keeper but instead an evil man called Jagang warned he would hurt them if they did not obey him.

• They hate Jagang but do what they have to get back in the good graces of the Keeper.

• When the women run out on the deck, the captain and the men leer at the women.

• One woman casts a spell and the men are forced to obey.

• The women are angry at Richard Rahl who is the reason they were forced to flee.

• The Sister Ulicia is the strongest of the Sisters, becomes the leader, and promises that...

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