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Elias Chacour
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Short Answer Questions

1. After his ordination, what does Elias receive?

2. With what is Elias temporarily elated?

3. What are Elias's efforts in Ibillin not hugely successful?

4. With what do the Palestinians still struggle?

5. Who is kept from Sabra and Shatila?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of personal epiphany did Elias have at Ibillin and what did he decide?

2. What does Chacour call upon the nations who war and why does he see it as an insult to God?

3. What was the political and economic situation like in Israel in 1967?

4. What occurred during some of Elias's successes that set back the peace movement?

5. What assignment did Elias receive following his ordination and what was his first encounter like there?

6. What happened about the massacre in question number 50?

7. What did Elias decide to do following his initial efforts in the church at Ibillin?

8. What had happened in Palestine by the time Elias returned there after his studies in Paris?

9. What was one of Elias's most acclaimed accomplishments mentioned in the chapter "Work, For the Night is Coming?"

10. What massacre was Elias told about that made Elias decide not to leave Israel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Within the new government itself, however, all was not cohesive. Factions had developed, all vying for power, and differing on treatment of the native Palestinians. The elders of the former village of Biram seized upon this opportunity to petition the Israeli Supreme Court for permission to return to their homes. Though this petition was granted, Zionist soldiers still would not allow them in. Discuss the following:

1. What do you think are the reasons the Zionist soldiers will not allow the villagers to reclaim their homes based on a court order by the Jewish government?

2. Why do you think the Jewish government does not intervene? Could they be afraid of the more radical Zionist themselves?

3. How often do you think a court victory is empty--both in the Palestinian situation and in other situations. Discuss with examples from the text and your own knowledge.

Essay Topic 2

The intellectual approach to Biblical study was frustrating for Elias, as he continued to struggle for a personal, emotional relationship with his God and Jesus. Discuss the following:

1. What do you think Elias means about having a personal, emotional relationship with God and Jesus? How does he demonstrate this?

2. Why do you think Elias' seminary emphasizes the intellectual over the emotional in terms of Christianity?

3. Why do you think the seminary wants students who do not question the material presented and who are submissive? Does this really serve the church positively? What can questioning do for one's faith ultimately?

Essay Topic 3

When Elias' father, brothers and other men of Biram are making their way back to their homelands, they walk through Syria and receive no help from Arab villages, who saw them as "dirty Palestinians" and dangerous to their own well-being. Discuss the following:

1. Are the Syrians justified in not offering help to the returning Palestinians?

2. Why do you think the Syrians would call Elias' father, brothers and other men of Biram "dirty Palestinians"? Is this a means of making themselves feel better?

3. How do you think Elias' father, brothers and other men of Biram could be dangerous to the Syrian's well being?

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