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Elias Chacour
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Elias talk the sisters into doing?

2. Of what does a fig tree remind Elias?

3. What does Egypt do in retaliation for the Israeli refusal to do as the United Nations asks?

4. With whom do the European Zionists enter in an alliance?

5. What does Elias do when he leaves Germany?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Elias Chacour hope about his book?

2. What does Elias first decide to do about the church in Ibillin? How does his efforts work?

3. What happened in another village because of Elias's intercession? What did Elias do when he was given a gift?

4. How was Palestine ruled until the end of World War I and then what happened?

5. What does Elias ask of the Jew, Westerners, and Arabs?

6. What did more moderate Jews call for about the establishment of Israel and the Palestinian problem?

7. What was the reality about the Palestinians that Elias had to face in the last 1960's?

8. What occurred during some of Elias's successes that set back the peace movement?

9. What massacre was Elias told about that made Elias decide not to leave Israel?

10. What happened about the massacre in question number 50?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Elias' father, brothers and other men of Biram are making their way back to their homelands, they walk through Syria and receive no help from Arab villages, who saw them as "dirty Palestinians" and dangerous to their own well-being. Discuss the following:

1. Are the Syrians justified in not offering help to the returning Palestinians?

2. Why do you think the Syrians would call Elias' father, brothers and other men of Biram "dirty Palestinians"? Is this a means of making themselves feel better?

3. How do you think Elias' father, brothers and other men of Biram could be dangerous to the Syrian's well being?

Essay Topic 2

While the Irgun attempts at eliminating the men of the community is going on, Katoub, Elias' mother, becomes the "rock" of the village, gathering her strength from prayer and faith, consoling and encouraging the other women of the village. Discuss one the following:

1. Do you think women are often the spiritual force behind the men in life? Why or why not? Use examples from the book and your own experience. If women had been making the decisions for both sides, how might things have been different?

2. Why do you think women are rarely mentioned in Chacour's book? He enters a totally male profession also, yet he says his mother has the greatest influence on him as a child. Are women valued in this culture? Why or why not? How are women viewed in general in the Middle East?

3. How are Israeli women viewed differently from those in the Arab countries that surround Israel?

Essay Topic 3

Native Jewish inhabitants of Palestine expressed shock and dismay over the actions of the Zionists. Discuss the following:

1. About what were the native Jewish inhabitants expressing their dismay? Does their shock seem rationale?

2. Research and discuss how the native Jewish Palestinians respond to increased inhumane treatment by the Zionist of the Palestinians. Are any native Jewish people still protesting the situation for the Palestinians? Who? What are they saying?

3. Discuss the parallels in the establishing of Israel with the United States taking the native American's lands. Use specific examples from Blood Brothers and from your research.

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