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Elias Chacour
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Zionist landowners employ native Palestinians?
(a) They are unschooled in the proper cultivation of the orchards.
(b) They feel guilty for taking the land away from the native Palestinians.
(c) They have to by law.
(d) They do not have enough Jews to keep the land cultivated.

2. What sort of stories does Elias's mother teach him?
(a) Stories of her childhood in another country.
(b) Stories about Mohammed and Abraham.
(c) Bible stories.
(d) Stories about the history of the Arabs.

3. When the villagers return to Biram, what happens?
(a) The Zionist soldiers kill them all.
(b) The Zionist soldiers destroy the village.
(c) They are able to peacefully resume living in their homes.
(d) The Zionist soldiers help them move back into their homes.

4. What are the Christians called who remain in Jerusalem?
(a) Iluminaries.
(b) Mennonites.
(c) Melkites.
(d) Gnostics.

5. What does Faraj say is the problem with Western theology?
(a) The idea of man being the center of all things.
(b) That it is exclusive.
(c) The belief that God is impersonal.
(d) The idea that man is equal to God.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the United Nations do in the conflict?

2. How did the native Jewish inhabitants feel about the actions of the Zionists?

3. How do the scholars study the Bible?

4. What New Testament passage still disturbs Michael?

5. Where does Elias travel for a retreat?

Short Essay Questions

1. What would a current student of the Middle East find strange about Palestine in the late 1940's?

2. What did Elias see in Jesus and how did he feel about Jesus? How did Elias see his interaction with Jesus?

3. How did Elias and his friend find the studies in Paris?

4. What events of the 1960's colored Elias's view of the church and why?

5. How did Elias's teachers view him at the seminary and why?

6. What did Elias' father explain about the Jews coming to the town?

7. What type of journal did Elias begin when he was at school? How long did this journal last?

8. What did the Zionist soldiers tell the people in Elias's hometown and how did they respond?

9. Under whose rule was Palestine since the 1930's, what kind of people was the population, how did they get along and how did the residents feel about themselves after World War II?

10. What were the three important principles Elias learned from his father as stated in the section, Treasures of the Heart?

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