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Elias Chacour
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the state of the physical church building?
(a) It is kept up quite well.
(b) In ruins.
(c) There never was a church building there.
(d) It is fine but quite filthy.

2. What does Elias expect of the Jews?
(a) That they would have more compassion.
(b) That they accept a broader definition of who is God's children.
(c) That they would be fair.
(d) That they would see how they had become as those who persecuted them were.

3. What does Elias think most Europeans believe about Palestine?
(a) That the Jews move into an uninhabited land.
(b) That Palestine truly belongs to the Jews as God's chosen people.
(c) That Palestine was a unreclaimable desert.
(d) That Palestine needed more people.

4. What does Elias show at the opening of each community center?
(a) The film called Schlinder's List.
(b) The film called The Hiding Place.
(c) The film called The Diary of Anne Frank.
(d) A film documentary about the Holocaust.

5. Who is killed at Sabra and Shatila?
(a) Elias' best friend.
(b) Elias' mother.
(c) Elias' sister.
(d) Hundreds of refugees.

6. What does Elias decide to do?
(a) Make the church interdenominational.
(b) Let the groups work things out among themselves.
(c) Rebuild the church.
(d) Leave.

7. What does Elias hope will not happen?
(a) The press will not accept it as true.
(b) Readers will simply discuss it with no action.
(c) The readers will not believe it.
(d) The Israeli government will ban it.

8. What does Elias hold as he thinks of Sabra and Shatila?
(a) His dead sister's last letter.
(b) His dead friend's last letter.
(c) A dove to release.
(d) His dead mother's necklace.

9. Into what does the Fedayeen unite?
(a) The country of Palestine.
(b) The United Palestine Liberation Militia (UPLM.)
(c) The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO.)
(d) They have too many factions to unite.

10. What are Elias's efforts in Ibillin not hugely successful?
(a) The villagers are fearful.
(b) He is too pushy.
(c) He is viewed with suspicion.
(d) He receives no support from his Bishop.

11. Who rules Palestine until the end of WWI?
(a) The Ottoman Empire.
(b) The Russians and French share rule.
(c) A group of independant tribes.
(d) There was no overarching ruler.

12. For what does Elias receive numerous offers?
(a) Citizenship in other countries.
(b) University teaching positions.
(c) Numerous jobs in every sector.
(d) Legal assistance.

13. Why does Elias go to talk with the Roman Catholic sisters in Nazareth?
(a) To enlist help.
(b) To learn something about social services.
(c) To ask them to talk to the Bishop who sent him to Ibillin.
(d) To ask for advice.

14. What is the Zionists' reply to the argument that wherever they establish a State of Israel, there would already be people living there?
(a) They would force resettlement of those peoples.
(b) They said God would take care of the problem.
(c) They would negotiate peaceful co-existance.
(d) They would give the people more-than-fair prices for their land and help them relocate.

15. What is Elias read to do?
(a) Join the fedayeen.
(b) Leave Israel.
(c) Leave the priesthood.
(d) File a large class-action suit.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what is Elias temporarily elated?

2. What is the Jewish state like in 1967?

3. Why is the lay person in charge of the church in Ibillin angry?

4. How does Elias say terrorism is often redefined as?

5. What does Elias do on Palm Sunday?

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