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Elias Chacour
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Zionist soldiers winning against the British?
(a) On the border of Saudia Arabia.
(b) Southern Palestine.
(c) In the city of Jerusalem.
(d) Nowhere.

2. What does Elias regret?
(a) Coming to Europe to experience a church that had become so meaningless.
(b) Not joining the fight to expel the Zionist from his village.
(c) He tries not to have regrets.
(d) Not letting his family know how much he loves them.

3. Where does Elias go after his initial education?
(a) To join the Army.
(b) Seminary.
(c) Home.
(d) Law school.

4. Where do the children in Biram attend school?
(a) In a small city about twenty kilometers away.
(b) In the church.
(c) In the village square.
(d) In the neighboring town.

5. What contributes to the poor reputation of the Palestinians?
(a) The propaganda that the Zionists spread.
(b) The torture and maiming of Zionist soldiers by the terrorists Palestinians.
(c) The court cases that were going against them.
(d) The Fedayeen groups.

6. What does the Israeli Supreme Court rule when the elders of Biram file a petition for permission to return to their homes?
(a) It is shelved until the Jewish state is more stable.
(b) It is granted.
(c) It is put into limbo in the hopes the elders of Biram will give up.
(d) It is denied.

7. What are the Christians called who remain in Jerusalem?
(a) Iluminaries.
(b) Melkites.
(c) Gnostics.
(d) Mennonites.

8. What is happening in the new Jewish government?
(a) They are setting up relocation facilities.
(b) They are consolidating their hold on the land.
(c) Stricter laws being passed against the native Palestinians.
(d) Fighting among factions.

9. How did the native Jewish inhabitants feel about the actions of the Zionists?
(a) They expressed no reaction.
(b) Supportive.
(c) Indifferent as long as they were left alone.
(d) Shocked.

10. How do the scholars study the Bible?
(a) With joy and curiousity.
(b) Doggedly.
(c) With reverence for God.
(d) In strictly intellectual and historical terms.

11. Where do many of the villagers go?
(a) Haifa.
(b) The United States.
(c) Jerusalem.
(d) Iran.

12. What is Elias's schedule like in Nazareth?
(a) Fairly relaxed.
(b) Tough but flexible.
(c) Strict and rigorous.
(d) Quite easy.

13. What do the Irgun ultimately carry out?
(a) Genocide.
(b) A mandate to resolve the Palestinian issue in a fair way.
(c) A short war to show their power.
(d) A peaceful solution.

14. What of the Bible is a mystery to Elias?
(a) The story of Joseph.
(b) The Beatitudes.
(c) The miracles of healing by Jesus.
(d) The story of Issac and Essau.

15. Where is Biram?
(a) Palestine.
(b) Iran.
(c) Iraq.
(d) Arabia.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Elias immersed in at his new home?

2. What is Elias beginning to understand?

3. For what is the purchase?

4. To whom does Michael speak?

5. What do the Zionist soldiers tell the people of Biram?

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