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Elias Chacour
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through One Link.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is killed at Sabra and Shatila?
(a) Hundreds of refugees.
(b) Elias' mother.
(c) Elias' sister.
(d) Elias' best friend.

2. What does Faraj say is the problem with Western theology?
(a) The idea of man being the center of all things.
(b) That it is exclusive.
(c) The idea that man is equal to God.
(d) The belief that God is impersonal.

3. What leads to violence between the Zionist and native Palestinians during the 1930s?
(a) The other Arab countries sending in small groups of men to help the native Palestinians.
(b) Increased immigration of Jews into Palestine.
(c) Wholesale slaughter of native Palestinians by the Zionist.
(d) Illegal seizure of lands by the Zionist.

4. When the villagers return to Biram, what happens?
(a) The Zionist soldiers kill them all.
(b) They are able to peacefully resume living in their homes.
(c) The Zionist soldiers help them move back into their homes.
(d) The Zionist soldiers destroy the village.

5. For what is the purchase?
(a) An important visitor.
(b) For traveling to Jerusalem.
(c) For use in the new orchad his dad just buys.
(d) The birth of his new sister.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Elias feel about the situation with the Palestinians?

2. What does Elias hold as he thinks of Sabra and Shatila?

3. What church does Elias Chacour's family attend?

4. What is disturbing to Elias about the Western Europeans' perspectives on the Palestinian issue?

5. What do the residents of Palestine hope?

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