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Elias Chacour
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Grafted In.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michael realize about Elias?
(a) That he needs more activity than other children his age.
(b) That he is more spiritually oriented than the other children.
(c) That he is in danger of becoming an activist.
(d) That he needs a purpose.

2. How are the native Palestinians treated?
(a) They are full citizens with all rights.
(b) They are discriminated against.
(c) They are treated fairly.
(d) They are considered non-citizens.

3. Why is the lay person in charge of the church in Ibillin angry?
(a) That the former priest leaves and takes all the valuables belonging to the church with him.
(b) That they send such a young priest.
(c) That they have not sent a new priest to Ibillin until now.
(d) That Elias is not in favor of a violent solution to regaining their lands.

4. What is Elias immersed in at his new home?
(a) Biblical study.
(b) Learning about the religion of the Jews.
(c) Learning all about the history of Palestine.
(d) The study of law.

5. Why do the Zionist landowners employ native Palestinians?
(a) They are unschooled in the proper cultivation of the orchards.
(b) They do not have enough Jews to keep the land cultivated.
(c) They have to by law.
(d) They feel guilty for taking the land away from the native Palestinians.

Short Answer Questions

1. What contributes to the poor reputation of the Palestinians?

2. What is the state of the physical church building?

3. What does Elias regret?

4. What does the second Supreme Court rule?

5. What is Ibillin?

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