Objects & Places from Blood Brothers

Elias Chacour
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This is the village in Palestine in which Elias Chacour spent his early life.


This is a small village in Palestine, destroyed by the Zionists, to which the villagers of Biram fled when ousted from their village.


This is a radical Zionist organization who conducted terrorist activities against the British and then the native Palestinians in the late 1940's.

Melkite Christianity

This is one of the original Christian groups who followed the teaching of Jesus literally and refused to change after the deaths of the Apostles brought fragmentation to Christianity.


This is a collective farming community in Israel.


These are words of Jesus spoken in Galilee and the favorite New Testament passage of Elias' mother.

St. Joseph's Minor Seminary

This is a seminary in Nazareth to which Elias and Faraj transferred when their schooling at the orphanage was completed.

St. Sulpice

This is...

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