Blood Brothers Multiple Choice Test Questions

Elias Chacour
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News in the Wind

1. Where is Biram?
(a) Iraq.
(b) Iran.
(c) Arabia.
(d) Palestine.

2. What church does Elias Chacour's family attend?
(a) Jehovah's Witness.
(b) Melkite Christian.
(c) Seven Day Adventists.
(d) Hebrew Synagogue.

3. Since when has Palestine been under British rule?
(a) The 1920's.
(b) The Late 1800's.
(c) Since 1902.
(d) The 1930's.

4. What do the residents of Palestine hope?
(a) That Palestine would evolve into three different countries.
(b) That Palestine would be absorbed by a stronger Arab state for greater stability.
(c) That an independent state would soon be formed.
(d) That the British would continue their protectorate.

5. Where is Elias on a warm afternoon in 1947?
(a) In Beruit.
(b) Sitting high in his favorite tree.
(c) In Constantinople.
(d) In Jerusalem.

6. What does Elias realize that warm afternoon?
(a) That an earthquake just shook the region.
(b) That his father is finally returning from England that day.
(c) That his youngest sister has just been born.
(d) That something important is about to happen.

7. What does Elias's father purchase?
(a) A camel.
(b) A donkey.
(c) A bison.
(d) A lamb.

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