Blood Brothers Fun Activities

Elias Chacour
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History of Palestine since 1900

Create a timeline with major events in Palestine since 1900. Illustrate 4 of the timeline's major events.

Peace Talks

Have a peace talk with students playing various factions of those involved in the Palestinian conflict. One student should play Elias Chacour as the moderator.

Jacket Cover

Design a jacket cover for Blood Brothers illustrating one of the most interesting parts of the book and explain why you create the design that you do.


Create a synopsis that is one paragraph in length for the jacket cover of Blood Brothers aimed at convincing others to buy and read the book.

New Title

Write a new title for Blood Brothers that reflects what is happening right now in Palestine. Put this title on a poster advertising the newly- named book.

Interview with Elias Chacour

As a journalist for People Magazine, interview Elias Chacour and ask him about...

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