Blood Brothers Character Descriptions

Elias Chacour
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Elias Chacour

Born in the village of Biram in Palestine, this character spent his early years in contentment and was the son of Melkite Christian who later becomes a priest.

Michael Chacour

This character inherited his fig orchards in Biram from his forefathers and was intimately tied to his land, his trees, his heritage, and his family.

Katoub Chacour

This character was a deeply religious Melkite Christian who wore a necklace of doves and fish and who was a great influence on Elias.


These people formed a militant group of Jews who insisted that it was their destiny to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine.


This character was the teacher of the children of Biram.

Faraj Nakhleh

This character was with Elias in the orphanage and also chose the profession of priesthood.


Organized in the early 1950's, this was a militant Arab organization which conducted...

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