Blood Brothers Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elias Chacour
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News in the Wind

• Elias Chacour grows up in Biram, Palestine in the 1940s.

• Elias watches as his father prepares to welcome some Jewish soldiers to the village.

• The father explains about the holocaust in Europe and how the Jews were persecuted.

• The Chacour family are Melkite Christians.

• Melkite Christians and Jews recognize and accept their common heritage as children of Abraham and thus their intimate tie to one another.

• There was a climate of cooperation and friendship among these groups during this tiem.

Treasures of the Heart

• All children in the village of Biram attended school in the church.

• Elias learns the most from his devote mother, particularly about Jesus and the miracles he performed.

• Elias sees strength in Jesus and often goes off by himself to pray to and have conversations with Jesus.

• Elias' father teach the children about their heritage as Melkites.
• Elias learns love...

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