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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the night guard do when the Doctor's Wife sits at the main entrance of the quarantine?

2. Which is not an item the Doctor's Wife finds in her larder?

3. Which of the following is not a threat that the Thugs make against the Doctor's Wife?

4. What is discovered by the Thug's after they make a full search of the wards for valuables?

5. The Doctor's Wife reasons that she killed another man in addition to the Leader of the Thugs. Where does she stab him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the Doctor's Wife say to silence the Thugs when they stop by the first ward at the beginning of Chapter 12?

2. Describe the old woman with insomnia in Chapter 9.

3. What is the result of the other wards having given the Thugs all their valuables at once?

4. How does the first ward get its information of the outside world?

5. Describe the Thugs' ward.

6. What idea does the Doctor's Wife have when it starts raining?

7. What is the Doctor's principle argument for now trying to stop his wife from going to the Thugs' ward?

8. What plan does the Doctor's Wife and her band of companions develop after the asylum burns down?

9. Describe the scene in the Thug's Ward immediately after the Doctor's Wife kills their leader.

10. What are the sleeping conditions in quarantine now that all of the beds are full?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Several objects have major effects on the outcome of events in quarantine. Write a body paragraph about each of these objects: initial impressions upon its first appearance in the narrative, conjecture about its possible use by characters, and eventual function within the story:

Part 1) The gun

Part 2) The scissors

Part 3) The lighter

Essay Topic 2

The character of the Thief dominates much of the beginning of the novel, but he is the first internee to die. Choose one of the following questions about the Thief to answer in essay form:

1.) The Thief - in his last moments - privately contends that he is not dying because of any sin he has committed, but because he helped the First Man after he went blind. Do you agree with this? Defend your position, citing evidence in the novel.

2.) The Thief is an anarchist force when he enters quarantine. He quarrels regularly, fights movement to organize, and declares that at last he is equal to those around him. To what extent does he represent the antithesis of the Thugs that will arrive after his death?

Essay Topic 3

Choose one of the following topics to discuss in essay form:

1.) Why does the Doctor's Wife not reveal her ability to see while in quarantine? Do you consider this choice prudent or selfish? Does this choice to remain a covert observer give her more or less control over her environment?

2.) Why do you think it takes so long for the blind inmates in quarantine so long to organize themselves? Are they content being at the mercy of systems handed to them by the government and the Thugs? What Saramago saying about the weak nature of human groups?

3.) Why do you think it is so easy for the Thugs to take control of the food supply and one of the wards? Is it exclusively their superior arms? What tactics do they employ to divide and disorient their subjects in the other wards?

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