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Short Answer Questions

1. Which is not an item the Doctor's Wife finds in her larder?

2. Who in the first ward defends the anonymous person who killed the Leader of the Thugs?

3. What ridiculous suggestion does one inmate make after the Thugs steal the food rations?

4. Where do women prefer to relieve themselves in the new nomadic existence?

5. What does the Gaunt Old Woman clutch to in her rigor-mortised hand?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the Gaunt Old Woman that lives below the Girl with Dark Glasses' parents' apartment.

2. How do the Thugs keep track of their earnings?

3. How does the Writer go about writing without his sight?

4. Describe the old woman with insomnia in Chapter 9.

5. Describe the scene in the Thug's Ward immediately after the Doctor's Wife kills their leader.

6. What is the Doctor's principle argument for now trying to stop his wife from going to the Thugs' ward?

7. How do the Thugs take control of the food rations?

8. What are the sleeping conditions in quarantine now that all of the beds are full?

9. What happens to the Old Woman with insomnia in Chapter 11?

10. What does the Doctor's Wife do when she sees her husband in bed with the Girl with Dark Glasses?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose one of the following topics to discuss in essay form:

1.) Why does the Doctor's Wife not reveal her ability to see while in quarantine? Do you consider this choice prudent or selfish? Does this choice to remain a covert observer give her more or less control over her environment?

2.) Why do you think it takes so long for the blind inmates in quarantine so long to organize themselves? Are they content being at the mercy of systems handed to them by the government and the Thugs? What Saramago saying about the weak nature of human groups?

3.) Why do you think it is so easy for the Thugs to take control of the food supply and one of the wards? Is it exclusively their superior arms? What tactics do they employ to divide and disorient their subjects in the other wards?

Essay Topic 2

Consider the idea of compassion and love in the novel. Often, the world of Blindness seems devoid of these qualities except in a few strange instances:

Part 1) Explain the Doctor's Wife's strange reaction to seeing her husband in bed with the Girl with Dark Glasses? What is she hoping to accomplish by telling them to stay in bed together?

Part 2) Discuss the reasoning of the women's decision to thoroughly wash the body of the Old Woman with insomnia before trying to bury her? What reason is there for taking such lengths to clean a dead body in such a filthy place?

Part 3) Summarize the understanding that the Man with the Eye-Patch and the Girl with Dark Glasses have at the end of the novel? What is the nature of their love, and how did they come about it?

Essay Topic 3

Within the quarantine, the dueling forces of authoritarian power and chaos are juxtaposed. The central narrative is the conflict of these opposing forces:

Part 1) Compare and contrast the government's plan for controlling the epidemic through quarantine with its plan for maintaining order within the quarantine.

Part 2) Discuss the results of the rules set down by the government to maintain order in quarantine with their results. Which rules are effective and which are discarded immediately?

Part 3) Compare the authoritarian rule of the government over the blind internees with the authoritarian rule of the Thugs over the other wards.

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