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Short Answer Questions

1. How many inmates are shot during the assault on the Thugs' ward?

2. What ridiculous suggestion does one inmate make after the Thugs steal the food rations?

3. What information - beside the fact that she can see - does the Doctor's Wife not volunteer to the man she talks to on the street?

4. With whom does the Girl with Dark Glasses regularly have sex?

5. One of the Thugs is blind from birth - not from the epidemic. What is he called by his cohorts?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the Gaunt Old Woman that lives below the Girl with Dark Glasses' parents' apartment.

2. In what state do the Doctor and his Wife find the Gaunt Old Woman when they approach her building?

3. Why doesn't the Doctor's Wife tell the other inmates that she can see?

4. Describe the state of the outside world since the blindness disease has spread to almost every citizen?

5. What idea does the Doctor's Wife have when it starts raining?

6. What does the unnamed woman do with the lighter she finds among her baggage?

7. What does the Doctor's Wife do when she sees her husband in bed with the Girl with Dark Glasses?

8. What are the sleeping conditions in quarantine now that all of the beds are full?

9. How does the Doctor's Wife meet the Dog of Tears?

10. How does the Girl with Dark Glasses respond to the Man with the Eye-Patch's declaration of love?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the use of violence in the novel. Is it seen as a purely evil force, or is its function in the novel more ambiguous? Why is it presented in such graphic detail? Write about each of the following violent episodes:

1. The gang-rape of the first ward women by the Thugs.

2. The murder of the Leader of the Thugs by the Doctor's Wife.

3. The burning down of the asylum.

Essay Topic 2

In the latter passages of the novel, dogs are a constant presence in the filthy, dying streets of the blind city. Largely, they are seen as scavengers, but one - the dog of tears - is a healing gentle soul. What does he symbolize for the Doctor's Wife? To what extent does his arrival herald a turning point in the story? Is the dog otherworldly? Does it act against its nature? Write, in essay form, about the function of the dogs of tears, focusing a paragraph each of the following:

1. Its entrance into the story

2. Its attitude towards death

3. Its interactions with other dogs

Essay Topic 3

Burial is an important component of the narrative. As time goes on, the characters' attitude toward interring their dead changes. In an essay, state the change that occurs in this attitude and how this change mirrors the characters' change in self-image. Map this change through the burials of the following:

1. The Thief

2. The four first ward inmates shot by the guards

3. The Old Woman with insomnia

4. The Gaunt Old Woman

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