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Short Answer Questions

1. Which newly blind character arrives in the first ward at the end of the chapter?

2. Why do two inmates in the first ward fight?

3. What is the Doctor pretending to look at when his wife wakes up?

4. What does the doctor step on on his way to the lavatory?

5. What object is not in the painting one man saw before going blind?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Doctor's conclusion about the origin of his blindness?

2. What is the Thief's reaction to the suggestion that the Doctor be leader of the quarantined inmates?

3. What is the Sergeant's attitude toward the internees?

4. How does the Thief suffer an injury?

5. Describe the First Man's Wife's reaction to her husband when she comes home.

6. How are conditions in quarantine affected as more inmates arrive throughout Chapter 5?

7. Describe what happens when the Doctor's Wife wakes up in the morning.

8. Describe the Man with the Eye-Patch.

9. What services will the government offer the quarantined inmates, according to the announcement?

10. What happens when the hundreds of new internees are delivered to quarantine?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the latter passages of the novel, dogs are a constant presence in the filthy, dying streets of the blind city. Largely, they are seen as scavengers, but one - the dog of tears - is a healing gentle soul. What does he symbolize for the Doctor's Wife? To what extent does his arrival herald a turning point in the story? Is the dog otherworldly? Does it act against its nature? Write, in essay form, about the function of the dogs of tears, focusing a paragraph each of the following:

1. Its entrance into the story

2. Its attitude towards death

3. Its interactions with other dogs

Essay Topic 2

Several objects have major effects on the outcome of events in quarantine. Write a body paragraph about each of these objects: initial impressions upon its first appearance in the narrative, conjecture about its possible use by characters, and eventual function within the story:

Part 1) The gun

Part 2) The scissors

Part 3) The lighter

Essay Topic 3

Jose Saramago writes his parable without any proper names. How does affect he telling of the story and the readers attitude toward the characters. Cite three characters and describe an initial impression of the person based solely on his/her "name." Go on to describe the journey of that character through the story and how he/she does or does not confound expectations.

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