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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Thugs demand in Chapter 9 in exchange for food?
(a) Money and valuables
(b) Services
(c) Women
(d) A ward to themselves

2. Who stops sleeping in the main room of the house after the Man with the Eye Patch's awkward declaration of love?
(a) The Man with the Eye Patch
(b) The Squinting Child
(c) The dog of tears
(d) The Girl with Dark Glasses

3. Which ailment is not mentioned among those prevalent in quarantine?
(a) Cancer
(b) Chronic diarrhea
(c) Tuberculosis
(d) Influenza

4. Where do women prefer to relieve themselves in the new nomadic existence?
(a) Alleyways
(b) Storefronts
(c) Abandoned cars
(d) Street curbs

5. What is the first thing the women of the first ward do with the body of their fallen comrade after they return?
(a) They wrap her in a sheet
(b) They tell the men to bury her
(c) They bury her immediately
(d) They wash her

Short Answer Questions

1. One of the Thugs is blind from birth - not from the epidemic. What is he called by his cohorts?

2. Which of the following is not a threat that the Thugs make against the Doctor's Wife?

3. Whom is the first person the Doctor's Wife informs she can see?

4. The Doctor's Wife reasons that she killed another man in addition to the Leader of the Thugs. Where does she stab him?

5. How many women from the second ward go to the Thugs?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the state of the outside world since the blindness disease has spread to almost every citizen?

2. What is the Doctor's principle argument for now trying to stop his wife from going to the Thugs' ward?

3. How do the Thugs take control of the food rations?

4. What idea does the Doctor's Wife have when it starts raining?

5. Describe the Thugs' ward.

6. What are the sleeping conditions in quarantine now that all of the beds are full?

7. Describe the scene in the Thug's Ward immediately after the Doctor's Wife kills their leader.

8. How does the Girl with Dark Glasses respond to the Man with the Eye-Patch's declaration of love?

9. What arrangement do the Thugs make for payment?

10. Describe the old woman with insomnia in Chapter 9.

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