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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stops sleeping in the main room of the house after the Man with the Eye Patch's awkward declaration of love?
(a) The Man with the Eye Patch
(b) The Girl with Dark Glasses
(c) The Squinting Child
(d) The dog of tears

2. How many women from the second ward go to the Thugs?
(a) Seventeen
(b) Ten
(c) Fifteen
(d) Twelve

3. What item does the Doctor's Wife find in her purse that could be used as a weapon?
(a) Scissors
(b) A nail file
(c) A letter opener
(d) A zippo lighter

4. Who is the first woman in the first ward to announce she will acquiesce to the Thugs' demands?
(a) The Chambermaid
(b) The Girl with Dark Glasses
(c) The First Man's Wife
(d) The Doctor's Wife

5. Which two characters are given sneakers rather than boots by the Doctor's Wife?
(a) The Man with the Eye Patch and the Squinting Child
(b) The Girl with Dark Glasses and the First Man's Wife
(c) The Man with the Eye-Patch and the First Man
(d) The Doctor and the Girl with Dark Glasses

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is reduced to tears by tasting the bottled water?

2. What do the inmates do immediately after escaping the burning asylum?

3. How many people are living in the First Man's apartment?

4. Which is not an item the Doctor's Wife finds in her larder?

5. How does the Thug's guard keep watch?

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