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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rumor about the government is going around?
(a) The government has been overthrown by a coup
(b) The Minister of Health has resigned
(c) A new one is being formed
(d) The President has gone blind

2. Why does the Thief believe he is in his dire situation?
(a) He molested the Girl with Dark Glasses
(b) He helped the First Man home
(c) He allowed himself to be taken to quarantine
(d) He stole the First Man's car

3. Who pick's up the spade from the soldiers?
(a) The First Man
(b) The Girl with Dark Glasses
(c) The Doctor
(d) The Doctor's Wife

4. How does the Doctor describe the whiteness of First Man's blindness?
(a) Glowing
(b) Milky
(c) Hazy
(d) Snowy

5. What does the Doctor's Wife find in a cupboard in the quarantine?
(a) A dead animal
(b) Strait-jackets
(c) Tins of milk
(d) Old towels and tissue paper

6. Which character urinates in his pants?
(a) The Thief
(b) The Squinting Child
(c) The Doctor
(d) The First Man

7. How does the first ward compare to the others in cleanliness?
(a) It is senond only to the second ward in terms of filthiness
(b) All wards are equally filthy by this point
(c) It is the filthiest
(d) It is the cleanest

8. How long does it take the government to round up the known blind for quarantine?
(a) Two days
(b) Ten days
(c) Less than a day
(d) One week

9. What is delivered for lunch?
(a) Water and cold cut meat
(b) Coffee and bread with margarine
(c) Tea with biscuits
(d) Milk and cheese sandwiches

10. What object is not in the painting one man saw before going blind?
(a) A naked woman
(b) A seagull
(c) A conch shell
(d) Flowers

11. What is the one advantage of having a completely full first ward?
(a) More people will share in the cleaning
(b) Division of shifts to guard the door
(c) A larger group to collect more food rations
(d) No more people will be arriving

12. What valuable piece of information does the Doctor's Wife take from the radio?
(a) An update on the number of blind cases reported
(b) The news of a new govenment
(c) The temperture and weather forecast
(d) The time

13. Where does the Girl with Dark Glasses go immediately after leaving the Doctor's office?
(a) Church
(b) Home
(c) A hotel
(d) The chemist

14. What is the Girl with Dark Glasses' profession?
(a) Sales Clerk
(b) Teacher
(c) Musician
(d) Prostitute

15. How does the Doctor's Wife gain access to quarantine?
(a) She says she is blind
(b) She pays off the driver
(c) She follows the ambulance
(d) She begs an attandant

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is kept in the second wing of the asylum?

2. The night after inspecting the First Man, who does the doctor talk with first about the case?

3. Why does the Girl with Dark Glasses' companion abandon her when she goes blind?

4. What tertiary character is among those killed when the soldiers open fire?

5. What aggravates the Doctor in his call with the Ministry of Health?

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