Blindness Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Does the First Man trust the man who comes to his aid after he goes blind?

The First Man does not entirely trust the man that helps him home. Especially after they arrive at his apartment, the First Man senses a bit too much enthusiasm in his good Samaritan's voice and worries he may be robbed.

2. Describe the First Man's Wife's reaction to her husband when she comes home.

The First Man's Wife is initially annoyed that her husband broke a vase in their home. However, when she see's that he is bleeding, she grows immediately concerned, and when he tells her that he has gone blind, she is distraught.

3. Does the Doctor have an explanation for the First Man's sudden blindness?

No, the doctor is completely ignorant of what might have caused it. The First Man's eyes are totally healthy, and the Doctor knows no past instance of a healthy person going immediately blind.

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