Objects & Places from Blindness

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Blindness - This is what draws large groups of people to a quarantine location.

The First Man's Car - This is where the first case of blindness occurs.

The Doctor's Office - The government searches this location after the blindness outbreak begins to spread.

The Mental Hospital - This burns down midway through the novel.

The Thug's Handgun - After its initial owner dies, this object is passed on to his accountant.

The Scissors - This is used to kill the leader of the thugs.

Feces - This is a constant impediment to blind people walking in the quarantine.

Food - Blind people pick among feces and trash in the street, searching for this.

Food Containers - Twenty-eight of these objects are supposed to be left daily at the quarantine location.

The Battery-Powered Radio - This object provides diversion and information to quarantined inmates.

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