Blindness Character Descriptions

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The First Man

This character has a car stolen after going blind.

The Thief

He is the first to die in the asylum.

The First Man's Wife

This character is the second person in the novel to go blind.

The Doctor

This character becomes the de facto leader of the inmates when the first small group arrives at the asylum.

The Doctor's Wife

This character leads a group of inmates into the city after the asylum burns.

The Girl with Dark Glasses

She lives with her parents prior to the blindness outbreak.

The Squinting Child

He is constantly asking for his mother.

The Man with the Black Eye Patch

This character brings a radio to the asylum, carrying news from the outside world.

The Soldiers

This group is noticeably missing after the asylum burns down.

The Thugs

This group takes control of all the food in the asylum...

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