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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1

* The First Man goes blind in his car.

* The Thief drives the First Man home in the First Man's car.

* The First Man's Wife returns home to find him blind.

* The Doctor examines the First Man's eyes, finding nothing wrong with them.

Chapter 2

* The Thief steals the First Man's car and goes blind.

* The Doctor spends the night consulting medical opinion regarding the strange case of sudden blindness.

* The Doctor goes blind the next morning.

* The Girl with Dark Glasses goes blind in a hotel room during sex with a customer.

Chapter 3

* The Thief is helped home by the police.

* The Girl with Dark Glasses, terrified by her blindness, is ejected from the hotel.

* The Doctor calls the Ministry of Health to inform them that a blindness virus is spreading.

* The Doctor is taken away to quarantine with his Wife.

Chapter 4

* National Officials decide to quarantine the...

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