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Short Answer Questions

1. What weapon does Bartlett have in case of emergency with Aldo?

2. From what part of the property is Trevor watching Jane?

3. Where does the waitress that Aldo kills work?

4. Under how many feet of volcanic rubble are the artifacts of Cira's day buried?

5. What does Trevor call Jane, prompting her to get in a fight with him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Eve's reaction to the gift Aldo sends to Jane in the mail?

2. Who is Lucy?

3. Why does the family decide to stay in Professor Sontag's villa when they arrive to Italy?

4. What connection does Jane begin to see between Trevor and Antonio?

5. How does Aldo lure the police away from Jane, and what is Joe's response?

6. What precautions does Trevor put into place to protect Jane in the vomitorium?

7. What is Jane's plan to lure Aldo into the open?

8. What is a vomitorium?

9. How does Trevor convince Professor Sontag to partake in the con?

10. How did Bartlett and Trevor come to be partners?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fire proves to be an important thematic element in the novel. Choose two examples of times when fire was a present force in the scenes, and explain what fire symbolized in the plot between Trevor, Jane, and Aldo.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the text of the novel, Jane burgeons on an inappropriate relationship with the detective, Trevor. Explain what each character, both Jane and Trevor, stood to gain from this personal relationship, and then explain why Jane's parents, and others, found the relationship inappropriate.

Essay Topic 3

For Eve, the loss of Bonnie plays a huge role in the way that she treats Jane. Explain the circumstances surrounding Bonnie's death, and then explain how the loss of her daughter shaped the way that Eve began to treat and protect Jane.

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