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Short Answer Questions

1. Who stops Jane on her way into the woods to ask if everything is okay?

2. Who chases Aldo through the woods and eventually loses him?

3. Where does Joe discover that Trevor worked in Scotland Yard?

4. Why does Joe chide Eve in their discussion of Jane's recurring dreams?

5. Who is responsible for the hang-up phone calls Eve has been receiving?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Eve respond to Trevor when he first arrives to their house?

2. Who is Cira?

3. What does Joe learn from Mark Trevor during their last phone conversation on the night Bonnie visits Eve?

4. What does Trevor say happened on the day that he broke his leg?

5. What do Jane and Trevor discuss during their secret meeting in the woods?

6. How does Jane help Trevor out of the woods, and what is her family's response?

7. What new information does Christy uncover about Trevor?

8. After Aldo skips town, what interesting occurence happens in Eve's house, and how do she and Jane rationalize it?

9. Why does Mark Trevor reach out and contact Christy Lollack?

10. What happens after Jane passes her driving test with flying colors?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the text of the novel, Jane burgeons on an inappropriate relationship with the detective, Trevor. Explain what each character, both Jane and Trevor, stood to gain from this personal relationship, and then explain why Jane's parents, and others, found the relationship inappropriate.

Essay Topic 2

Reincarnation becomes a theme in the novel halfway through. Explain the significance of reincarnation in the novel, and explain how this theory ties together all of the main characters in the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Both Guido and Aldo spent their lives obsessed with Cira. Explain the obsession that both men had with this woman, and how that obsession affected their lives.

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