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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Aldo believe has the most control of the conversation happening on the porch?

2. Who is watching Jane approach Toby through the woods?

3. What does Jane accuse Trevor of chasing Aldo to receive?

4. How old was Mike, the boy that Jane stole food for as a child?

5. In what country was Trevor born?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Joe believe Aldo is doing in the hopes of throwing the police off his scent?

2. During their second phone call, what information about Trevor's childhood does Christy reveal?

3. What does Trevor say happened on the day that he broke his leg?

4. What do Joe and Eve discuss when they realize the resemblance Jane has to Ruth?

5. What does Joe learn from Mark Trevor during their last phone conversation on the night Bonnie visits Eve?

6. How do Jane and Eve respond to the news that Trevor has gone missing?

7. What does Jane see when she wades out of the lake and arrives at the attack site?

8. What does Jane learn about Cira's relationship with Antonio from her recurring dream?

9. What does Aldo think when he watches Eve and Jane discussing Jane's dreams on the front porch?

10. How does Jane meet Antonio?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Bartlett proves to be a perfect foil for Trevor in the pursuit of Aldo. Compare / contrast the personalities of the two men in the novel, and explain why they proved to be perfect partners when working together.

Essay Topic 2

It becomes clear to the reader that Cira plays a large role in shaping the serial killer, Aldo. Explain who Cira is and why Aldo has such an unquenchable obsession with her.

Essay Topic 3

Both Guido and Aldo spent their lives obsessed with Cira. Explain the obsession that both men had with this woman, and how that obsession affected their lives.

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