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Short Answer Questions

1. For what company was Joe working before he transferred to the detective job in Calhoun?

2. As Aldo is watching Jane in the lake, what does he vow to do?

3. What does Jane say that she is seeking from Trevor?

4. How many of the cases Mark Trevor sent over have victims that resemble Jane?

5. When Joe returns to Trevor's hotel, where does he find him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Jane meet Antonio?

2. How does Jane begin to search for more information about Cira and Herculaneum?

3. During their second phone call, what information about Trevor's childhood does Christy reveal?

4. What does Eve learn about Caroline Halliburton from the detective named Christy?

5. What does Aldo's encounter with Janis the prostitute lead detectives to believe?

6. How does Eve respond to Trevor when he first arrives to their house?

7. Why does Mark Trevor reach out and contact Christy Lollack?

8. What do Joe and Eve discuss when they realize the resemblance Jane has to Ruth?

9. Why does Trevor call Bartlett after he goes missing from the hotel?

10. What does Joe learn from Mark Trevor during their last phone conversation on the night Bonnie visits Eve?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the text of the novel, Jane burgeons on an inappropriate relationship with the detective, Trevor. Explain what each character, both Jane and Trevor, stood to gain from this personal relationship, and then explain why Jane's parents, and others, found the relationship inappropriate.

Essay Topic 2

Aldo's pattern of murder differed during each of his killings. Choose two of Aldo's victims and explain how each of their murders gave the reader deeper insight into Aldo's character and what his true desires toward women were.

Essay Topic 3

Many of Aldo's problems stemmed from his disturbed childhood. Write a brief timeline of events that happened in Aldo's childhood, and explain how that childhood led him to an obsession with Cira and the women who look like her.

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