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Short Answer Questions

1. What is on Trevor's criminal record?

2. Why was Trevor arrested four years earlier while living in Rome?

3. What does Scotland Yard say about the email sent to Joe about the killer's move to the US?

4. Who first figures out that Jane is lying about Trevor's whereabouts but decides to keep quiet about it?

5. What does Eve decide to name the woman whose skull she is reconstructing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Joe believe Aldo is doing in the hopes of throwing the police off his scent?

2. What does Jane learn about Cira's relationship with Antonio from her recurring dream?

3. How does Jane help Trevor out of the woods, and what is her family's response?

4. What does Aldo think when he watches Eve and Jane discussing Jane's dreams on the front porch?

5. How does Eve respond to Trevor when he first arrives to their house?

6. What do Jane and Trevor discuss during their secret meeting in the woods?

7. What happens after Jane passes her driving test with flying colors?

8. What does Eve learn about Caroline Halliburton from the detective named Christy?

9. What does Jane see when she wades out of the lake and arrives at the attack site?

10. What reaction does Eve have to Jane's resemblance, and how does she feel about Joe's emotions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel, Jane struggles to trust Trevor, one of her only allies, just as Cira struggled to trust Antonio. Compare / contrast the lack of trust that both women had toward their men, and then explain how each of the women came to conquer her fears with trust.

Essay Topic 2

For Eve, the loss of Bonnie plays a huge role in the way that she treats Jane. Explain the circumstances surrounding Bonnie's death, and then explain how the loss of her daughter shaped the way that Eve began to treat and protect Jane.

Essay Topic 3

Cira acts as the central figure for perfect femininity in the novel. Explain why Cira was so sought after, and how her image prompted men and women alike to become obsessed with her. Finally, explain why Cira's ultimate femininity led to her death and downfall.

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