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Chapter 1

• The novel opens at a grisly crime scene in Calhoun, Georgia. Detective Christy Lollack is called to investigate the death of a woman who has been found without a face. All the skin of her skull was removed and her fingertips burned so that it will be difficult to identify the body.

• Christy has received an email from Mark Trevor, a detective in Scotland Yard, forwarding the information of a series of cases similar to this one that may have moved from the UK to the US. Joe, another detective called to the scene, doesn't believe this could be the same killer. Christy thinks otherwise.

• Christy has the skull of the unidentified woman sent away to a sculptor named Eve who may be able to reconstruct the shape of the face to aid in identification.

• Meanwhile, at Eve's home, Jane, a seventeen-year-old girl, is having a nightmare...

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