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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1: Cubby Hole)


The story begins with Craig and Phil in their bedroom. Craig talks about sharing a room with his brother. The boys often bicker and get into trouble. Discuss the relationship between the brothers and why it is an important element in the story.


1. Craig and Phil are brothers. Craig is the eldest son and is 3 years older than Phil. Discuss the relationship between the boys. Why do they fight? How do their parents control them? Who disciplines the boys? Why are the boys forced to share a room?

2. Craig states, "Shared' is a sugar-coated way of saying we were trapped in the same bed, as we were children and had no say in the matter" (Chapter 1, p. 10). Discuss sharing between siblings. Why do parents expect their children to know how to share? Do you have to share with a sibling? What types of things do...

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