Blankets: An Illustrated Novel Fun Activities

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Create a Journal

Create a journal from the point of view of one of the characters.

Hold a Scavenger Hunt

Arrange a scavenger hunt for class participation with students or their friends. Use items mentioned in the story, if possible.

Create a Movie Poster

Create a movie poster based on the characters and story line of the book.

Design a Brochure

Craig visits a museum when Phil gets married. Design a brochure for a new museum exhibit featuring artifacts of your choice.

Create an Ancient Document

Create an "ancient" parchment that includes fragments of writing that may have been discovered by a Biblical scribe.

Write a Short Story

Write a short story from Raina's point of view.

Create a Trivia Game

Create a Blankets trivia game.

Create a Collage

Create a collage using any of the topics used in the book, cartoons, characters, etc.

Act Out a Scene

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